In 1996, Utah Head Start grantees formed the Utah Head Start Association as a non-profit organization to provide support, leadership and advocacy to Utah Head Start programs and their community partners. United, they deliver exceptional education, health and family services that help disadvantaged children and families achieve their full potential. We envision a community where all Utah children and families have the support necessary to thrive and be self-sufficient. 

Our Vision for the Utah Head Start Association is: 

  • To ensure the well-being and self-sufficiency of disadvantaged children and families by supporting the development of Utah’s Head Start programs and staff 
  • To ensure that children and families living in poverty in Utah have equal opportunities
  • To provide a unified voice to advocate on behalf of Utah’s Head Start programs  

Organizational Values: 

Education – We believe in the influence of education to empower individuals and transform communities. 

Health – We believe that personal and family health and wellness are the foundation for future success. 

Family Engagement –We believe that family engagement builds positive and goal-oriented relationships. 

Impact – We believe in our ability to make a difference in the lives of children and families, and in the communities where they live.  

Opportunity – We believe that everyone deserves the chance to have a successful, healthy, fulfilled life.  

Support – We believe that facilitating assistance to those serving disadvantaged children and families increases the likelihood of our collective success. 

Organization Leadership:

Board Chair:              Shauna Tiatia 

Board Vice Chair:     Marianne Henderson

Board Secretary:       Jennifer Heyborne

Executive Director:   Lori Cox