Washington DC Hill Visits

January 30, 2019

Thank you to our Utah representatives and congressmen as well as staff for taking the time to learn about Head Start.  Please make Head Start funding a stable priority so we can continue serving Utah children and families in need.

2020 Washington DC Hill Visits

Thank you to our Utah representatives and congressmen and their staff for taking time to learn about Utah Head Start.

The Utah Head Start Association supports regional and national Head Start associations in advocating for ongoing reauthorization of Head Start funding and improving policy and procedures that allow programs to better serve children and families.  We seek opportunities to inform local, state, and national representatives of the importance of the Head Start program.  We welcome your support.

NHSA Policy Agenda


Contact your local or state representative to show your support for Head Start!


1. Please call Senator Romney at  (202) 224-5251 or contact via email at https://www.romney.senate.gov/contact-senator-romney

2. Next, please call Senator Lee at (202) 224-5444 or contact via email at https://www.lee.senate.gov/pub lic/index.cfm/contact

3. And third, call your congressperson! 

UT-01 Congressman Rob Bishop: (202) 225-0453
UT-02 Congressman Chris Stewart: (202) 225-9730
UT-03 Congressman John Curtis: (202) 225-7751
UT-04 Congressman Ben McAdams: (202) 225-3011

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