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Joining the National Head Start Association (NHSA) is a great way to help advocate for Head Start programs in Utah and across the nation.

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Head Start Collaboration

To learn more about Utah's Head Start State Collaboration Office (HSSCO) and how to partner with Head Starts in our state, call the HSSCO Director, Kellie Kohler, at 801.526.4388.

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Utah Head Start Programs...

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Head Start Changes Lives

Jocelyn M., Orem, Head Start Graduate and Early Head Start Family Educator

I grew up on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a low income community.  My parents are immigrants from Mexico and had not had the chance to attend school past the third grade.  As non-english speakers with no family in the states, they had no support system or the knowledge to drive their children to college.  A friend of the family told my mom about the head start program. I was accepted and our lives forever changed.  My parents learned about the importance of sensory games, literacy and being a parent advocate for their child.  They gained the confidence to learn english and even start their own business, all thanks to the encouragement from the headstart program.  Now, 20 years later I am a college graduate and am working for an early head start program. I hope to inspire the families I work with just like those teachers 20 years ago inspired my family.  This program works!  I have lived it and have seen the change.

Brandy T., Salt Lake City, Head Start Parent

My son was diagnosed with P.D.D. when he was 3 years old.  His symptoms started a few months before he turned 2.  From the age of 2 he had a speech therapist and after he turned 3 he started in a pre-school close to our house.  He continued getting speech therapy at school but there was no parent involvement so my husband and I would send him off on the bus each morning and hope he had a good day.  At the end of his second year the teacher recommended enrolling my son in Head Start.  We applied and were thrilled to find out he got in.  This school had been wonderful for Johnny.  I love being able to volunteer and see how the classroom works.  I love the work and dedicated time his teachers put into helping him learn.  My son is progressing so well and I can tell he really loves being there everyday.  He is continuing with his speech therapy and is making leaps and bounds of improvement.  We are so thankful that our son has this great opportunity that I know will help him succeed in life.  Thank you Head Start!

Richard S.,  Wellington, Head Start Parent

We started our son in Head Start when he was 3 years old.  As an only child he had no real interaction with kids his age.  My son has come a long way in the way he relates to kids his own age and the knowledge he has gained through the program.  I also like how easy it is to volunteer to help in the classes and to help with teaching my son.

Roxanne J., Cleveland, Head Start Parent and Policy Board Chair

Head Start is a parent organization as well as a child development center.  I credit my experience on the policy council at the RUCD Head Start with giving me confidence and a feeling of success.  Head Start not only gave my daughter the opportunity to be top of her class while going to school, it helped me have skills to be a part of other community boards and be a productive community leader.  Being on the RUCD Policy Council, many years ago, was so much fun!  I am grateful for the opportunity and training I got during my years with Head Start.  Learning from Head Start never stops for child or parent.

Jacki N., Springville, Head Start Parent

My son was enrolled in the program as an infant during a difficult time in my life.  My husband was living outside the country and I was working two jobs to support our family.  I had a 2 1/2 year old and a newborn and was struggling emotionally and financially.  Head Start provided a safe, secure, and educational environment for my son.  Though it was heartbreaking to have to work and leave my young infant in someone else's care, Early Head Start wa the next best place for him to be.  The teacher was very loving and to this day has always cared about my son's growth and development.  My son's speech is delayed, however, he has made great progress due to the early intervention that has taken place.  His teacher was the first to be concerned about his speech.  Thanks to her knowledge and observation, she referred my son to early intervention services.  My son ended up needing tubes in his ears which helped with his hearing and language development.  His teacher has always cared about my son and family and has been very supportive.  In addition, I've received a lot of support from our family educator. My family educator told me about a position available as an educator and after 3 years of working 2 jobs without full-time benefits, I was hired to work as a family educator.  I was able to better provide for my kids and family and use all the knowledge gained to further support my children's growth and development.

Kelsie S., Wellington, Head Start Parent

Being a Head Start parent has really opened my eyes to my son's education.  With him being in Head Start, I feel he has achieved many goals.  I am a member of the parent council.  I really like that I have a say in the policy and procedures.  Parent council has built my confidence in speaking my opinions.  RUCD has helped our family in many ways, by helping us set goals as a family, by letting us volunteer, and much more.  I feel like my child has done better developing his social skills.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be a Head Start Parent.